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Goodbye Pierre

Since logaholic.de was kind of inactive some weeks ago, my fellow co-blogger Pierre decided to go his own way with his own blog again. I’d like to thank you for all your effort for logaholic.de and wish you all the best. May the content be with you, my friend! :) And let there be pingbacks ^^

By the way, i’d like to point to Pierre’s own PHP Micro-framework entropy, which is in work again. I have seen some magic stuff in there so far, so let’s stay tuned for his release(s) :)

entropy project: Hello World!

Die Tage war es endlich so weit: nach zweimaliger und von vorne beginnender Programmierung habe ich den Prototypen meines PHP5 MVC Micro-Frameworks bei Github online gestellt – entropy project. Der Projekt-Name selbst lag mir schon seit Jahren auf der Zunge, es fehlte nur ein passendes Projekt.

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