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Apache, SSL and phpUnderControl

After installing phpUnderControl I wanted to use my existing apache, running with ssl, to proxy requests to the “java stuff”. After failing with various mod_proxy reverse proxying attempts I learned how to use mod_rewrite for this purpose.

ProxyPreserveHost on
RewriteEngine on

RequestHeader Set Proxy-keysize 512
RequestHeader Set Proxy-ip %{REMOTE_ADDR}e
RequestHeader Set Host example.org:443

RewriteRule ^/$ /cruisecontrol/ [R,L]

RewriteRule ^/cruisecontrol$ /cruisecontrol/ [R,L]
RewriteRule ^/cruisecontrol/(.*) http://localhost:8080/cruisecontrol/$1 [P,L]

RewriteRule ^/dashboard$ /dashboard/ [R,L]
RewriteRule ^/dashboard/(.*) http://localhost:8080/dashboard/$1 [P,L]

Unfortunately, phpUnderControl didn’t get the baseURL right with this setup. I didn’t want to dive into mod_jk yet, which I had read should also work (or be the more clean/generic solution), so i poked at the phpUnderControl code with grep. And now it just works fine.

You have to edit the files error.jsp, index.jsp, main.jsp and old_index.jsp in /opt/cruisecontrol/webapps/cruisecontrol/: Just place your https-url in the baseURL strings (https://example.org/cruisecontrol/).

The CruiseControl dashboard (/dashboard) does not need any tweaking for https.

One could even add any apache authentication module in front of phpUnderControl now ;)

Miniguide: Subversion und Trac als Entwicklungsumgebung

Ich möchte heute in aller Kürze die Schritte beschreiben, um eine vollständige Entwicklungsumgebung mit Subversion und Trac einzurichten. Ich verwende dazu Debian etch, den Paketmanager APT und brauche root-Rechte.

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